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 Club Revenue Sharing Option:

  • We make a page 
  • Your members can preorder the Futsolo Sidekick for two weeks.
  • They get 20% off and no shipping charges saving them about $21 per ball.
  • We ship all the orders to your club office the following week along with a check for 10% of revenues to the club.

Contact or 303-506-7025 

Borrussia Dortmund Academy

Manchester United Academy

 Club Discount Option:

  • We make a page 
  • Your members can order the Futsolo Sidekick for two weeks.
  • They get 15% off and no shipping charges saving them about $18 per ball.
  • We ship all the orders to the individual residences as they come in. 

Contact or 303-506-7025 

Approved By The Best

What MLS Pro Quincy Amarikwa Thinks About It:

RCD Espanyol Academy

Allows your players to improve their ability to receive with a purpose. They can train game-like ball receiving situations anywhere they go, by themselves. 

FC Bayern Munich Academy

By adjusting the setting of the cord, the ball returns to a different body part when kicked… and it actually feels like a real pass from a teammate as it zips back. 

Borussia Dortmund - u9s 

Ajax - U9s Champions of Europe 

Atlético Madrid - Head Physical Trainer 

FC Bayern Munich - u12 & u14 

Chelsea FC - U12s 

FC Barcelona - Methodology Director 

Introducing The miniFutsolo

What Pros, Parents, & Players Have To Say...

"The Futsolo is an important element for technical work, especially at a young age where contact on the ball is essential."

- Joan Vilá, Methodology Director of FC Barcelona

"I highly recommend Futsolo training ball, it's a great way to train game-like situations. on your own"

- Jarred Watts, MLS Professional Player

"The Futsolo is really sick. I wish I had one of these growing up."

- Dillon Serna, MLS Professional Player

"The Futsolo is the only product I've seen that can simulate game-like touches for players when training on their own"

- Quincy Amarikwa, MLS Professional Player  

"If I had the Futsolo back in my day when I played, the sky would have been the limit... or maybe I would have passed the sky because this ball is phenomenal. You can use it anywhere, it doesn't matter! It teaches every part of the body & is great for the kids. I highly recommend the Futsolo training ball."

- Lorne Donaldson, Former Jamaican National Team, 2017 NSCAA Coach of the Year  

As a kid I had the little contraption that went around your waste and you could kick at the ball on the string. I very quickly outgrew it and got bored because it wasn't very realistic to how the ball would ever come back to you in a real playing scenario. 

The Futsolo Sidekick is by far the best version of this type of training tool I've seen. It allows players to train at striking the ball without having to run and get it and also creates a realistic flighted ball that can be brought down with the foot, thigh, chest, or head. The more time a player can spend with a ball, and the more repetition of techniques they are able to practice, the better. The Futsolo Sidekick allows players to get these quality repetitions!"  

- Yael Averbuch, Pro Player FC Kansas City & USWNT  

With enough practice, your players will be able to do this: 

Warranty Information

We back a 2 year warranty on the ball and the cord. If anything happens to your Futsolo, just contact and we'll take care of you.


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